Candle Burning With Jupiter

Before you do any manifestation work you first need a cleansing. The clearer your aura field is the better your manifestation works. So, one should bathe (either a spiritual bath related to uncrossing etc. or the likes) or at the bare minimum a regular bath/shower. Energetically cleanse your space/home/area (where ever your candle will be) […]

Protect & Provide Oil -How to Use

Protect & Provide Oil Size: 1/2 Oz. or bigger (bottle size depends on our stock)Made with : Cinnamon Powder Cinnamon Bark Gemstones Black Salt Fiery Wall of Protection Oil Lightening Struck Wood Oilive Oil Orange Essential Oil Carrier Oils & Essential Oils And other herbs used for the expansion of abundance, wealth, money attraction, prosperity […]

How to use Road Opening Oil

Road Opener Oil What is Road Opener? Road Opener is used to remove obstacles, create brand new opportunities and open new doors. It is best to use especially when you feel as though you can’t get a break through and you are stuck in a particular rut (of repeating blockages) or you recognize a challenge […]

Yoni Pearls

This Yoni Pearl Detox includes 3 Pearls Used For vaginal/womb detoxing. You may use it if you have: Fibroids Ovarian cysts Hysterectomy Cervical erosion Vaginal odor/ dryness Blocked fallobian tubes Irregular menses PID Infertility Endometriosis Staph Yeast Infections etc. What is in it? How to use : – wash your hands before removing the detox […]

Using The Money Drawing Floor Wash

Money Floor Wash KitIngredients: Dried Herbs:ThymeRosemary (two varieties)Bay LeafJamaican Ginger RootSageCinnamon BarkParsleyJupiter Moon Money Powder Liquid: Last Super Moon of 2019 WaterJuju X Money Bagg OilUnfuck Your Life OilPatchouli Water (Spiked & stewed for 8 months)Rose of Jericho Holy Water <3And a few other Secret Blends to complete the batch Directions: Bring a pot of clean […]

UnFuck Your Life – Oil & Spiritual Bath Instructions

Unfuck Your Life Oil Size: 1/2 Oz.  Made with : RueHyssopAngelicaLow John RootFever GrassCarrier Oils & Essential OilsAnd other herbs used for jinx breaking, uncrossing and removing baneful energy. This will also set you on a path to realign your life. How to use:Add to baths, candles, tools or items suspected of being crossed. If wearing […]