Yoni Pearls

This Yoni Pearl Detox includes 3 Pearls Used For vaginal/womb detoxing. You may use it if you have: Fibroids Ovarian cysts Hysterectomy Cervical erosion Vaginal odor/ dryness Blocked fallobian tubes Irregular menses PID Infertility Endometriosis Staph Yeast Infections etc. What is in it?

How to use : – wash your hands before removing the detox pearls from the sealed package, unravel strings from pearls. – Soak the pearls in the warm water for just 1 minute. Or use a water based lubricant to cover the pearls. -Lay on your back with your knees to your chest and insert the pearls into your vagina close to the cervix. – Leave the detox pearls in vagina for 72 hrs (3 days). After 72 hrs, remove yoni detox pearls by gently pulling on the strings. – Please use a panty liner and allow the vagina to discharge toxins for the next 24-48hrs. Note : -Do Not use if you are a nursing mother, pregnant, on your menstrual period or if you are a virgin. – Do Not use if you are expecting your menstrual/period within a few days. May cause cycle to start sooner than scheduled. – For Vaginal insertion ONLY.  DO NOT Take orally.   Cleanse Treatment Guide:


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