Road Opener Herbal Spiritual Bath: For Opportunity, Success, Luck, prosper

Order is for one 6oz bag of Herbal Spiritual Bath. 
How to take our Herbal Spiritual Bath
Before you take an herbal spiritual bath, take a regular bath/shower to cleanse and remove low energies from yourself. Next, cleanse your space with an herb or resin of your choice such as white sage or Frankincense.
Prepare your bath: Bring a pot of water to boil, add the salt and herbs from the packet and allow to boil for 10 minutes. Next, using a strainer, pour the liquid into a separate container. This liquid can then be added to a hot bath for a 15-minute soak.  Alternatively, once cooled to a bearable temperature, the strained liquid can be poured onto your body, starting from your feet, working down towards your head.
Set your intentions:
This is half of the work in herbal spiritual baths. While soaking or by pouring onto your bodyworkinf from the soles of your feet up towards the crown of your head. Say what you want to achieve from your bath. Talk about it in present tense – like it’s already manifested. Ex. I feel amazong about the opportunities that have manufested for me. Gid thank you for opening doors, thank you for clearing away obstacles, thank you for expanding my territory. Thank you fir increasing my ritches. SPEAK into your life! 

Anither helpful tip is to set the mood by putting on music that resonates with your goals or burning incense or resin that aligns with your intent. Use this time to pray. 
Please read scriptures (and optionally say affirmations) while you are performing your bath.
Highly suggested scriptures: 1 Chronicles 4:9–10:, Psalms 23, Psalms 27. 

Repeat as many times as necessary or until you feel satisfied. 

Once done, DO NOT towel dry your skin.  Allow your skin to air dry. This helps to seal the intent of the Herbal Spiritual Bath.

Tips for extra potency:
*Preform 1 bath consecutively for a minimum of 3 days for greater effects. 1 packet can brew enough for 3 baths by using 1 gallon of water to brew or by dividing the brew into enough portions for three baths.
*Add a cap full of Florida Water to your bath or bathe with Florida Water Soap.
*Use white burning white candles for added boost

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