Using The Money Drawing Floor Wash

Money Floor Wash Kit

Dried Herbs:
Rosemary (two varieties)
Bay Leaf
Jamaican Ginger Root
Cinnamon Bark
Jupiter Moon Money Powder

Last Super Moon of 2019 Water
Juju X Money Bagg Oil
Unfuck Your Life Oil
Patchouli Water (Spiked & stewed for 8 months)
Rose of Jericho Holy Water <3
And a few other Secret Blends to complete the batch


Bring a pot of clean water to boil (amount of water is determined by the size of the area you wish to wash/cleanse).
Add the dry herb contents into the pot. Boil for 10-15 mins. Remove from heat and carefully strain contents of wash over to a mop bucket.
Take the liquid container and bless it by praying over it. A promising prayer is Psalms 23, or Psalms 4.. Now, add contents of liquid container into mop bucket.

Starting from the door you use most often  to enter your home/room (for most people this is their front door, but for some this can be a side/back or garage access door), mop the floor starting at that point working your way towards the south east corners of the room.  You can use a compass app to determine which corner is the south east corner.  If you don’t want to use elements of feng shui, you can simply mop going from one direction moving back.

As you are mopping, command your atmosphere, tell the wash what you wish to get from it. Speak into existence the things you wish to see pertaining to money.  If you do not know what you want specifically, use this time to visualize money coming to you. Don’t worry about the how, just focus on the feeling of having your bills paid, or money showing up.  Its none of your business how the money will manifest.  lol so don’t worry about that.

Once done you may keep the wash for another use or (if very soiled) discard by washing your front porch with the remnants . Regardless of if you save some for a later date, pour a little on your actual porch/path to the entrance of your door.

Thank God for provisions being met.  Audibly (out loud, but not necessarily loud), Say thank you! An attitude of gratitude is a magnet and fuel to any manifestation fire.

Because God got you here, on this page, reading right now – that alone is an act of provisions being met.  Your faith brought you this far, let it take you even further.

Cleanse/Mop before doing your floor wash.

Add contents to a spray bottle to lightly mist your area for money attraction, following the same directions as above.

If you have carpet (dark colored) put this mixture into a spray bottle and mist your carpet lightly with this floor rinse using the same instructions as above.

The herbs left over can be placed on a napkin in a sunny place to be dried and burnt as money drawing incense/smudge stick.

With a little effort you can take the ancestor money out of your liquid container, gently unravel and place in a sunny place to dry. Once dried, it can be used.

Do a floor wash as often as you feel it’s needed.  Once per month at minimum if you are serious about maintaining momentum.  As a rule of thumb, I recommend using your intuition as a guide for usage.

Eliminate waste, everything in your package can be used more than once.

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