Candle Burning With Jupiter

  1. Before you do any manifestation work you first need a cleansing. The clearer your aura field is the better your manifestation works. So, one should bathe (either a spiritual bath related to uncrossing etc. or the likes) or at the bare minimum a regular bath/shower.
  2. Energetically cleanse your space/home/area (where ever your candle will be) using a cleansing resin/herb such as white sage etc.
  3. Place your candle in a bowl of clean water (not necessary if you will snuff it out after a few hours of burning it) or place in a clean area away from kids, pets and nosy people and light it. For tea lights, simply place on a fire proof dish. Please burn them one at a time (or one after the other) for greater potency.
  4. Set your intentions by either praying a loud (not necessarily loudly) what you want. Ex open roads, create opportunities where there are none, demolish boundaries and obstacles on my behalf etc. etc. . Include scripture prayers too such as Psalms 23 and Psalms 31. Say affirmations – always speaking in the presence tense. Example, I am thankful for getting (state intention). Finally, you may write your request on a piece of paper and place it beneath the bowl/candle.
  5. Keep your intentions private as others can slow down the progress of your manifestations and even hinder it through thought and other baneful means, so, the less people that know – the better your outcome. Keep people away from it.
  6. You may choose to leave it burning continuously (must put it in a bowl of water if you do, refilling the water as often as necessary. For tea lights, simply place on a fire proof dish). OR you may burn it for a few hours daily (minimum of 6 hrs recommended for best results). After, you must SNUFF out your candle – do not blow it out. Once you relight the candle, set your intentions again.
  7. Every time you light up or/daily go over your intentions.
  8. After the candle is done burning, thank God etc. for your manifestations (again speak about it in presence tense as though it has happened).
  9. Throw the candle into a trash bin outside of your home, and pour the water from the bowl it was in down the toilet and flush if you used water.

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