How to use Road Opening Oil

Road Opener Oil

What is Road Opener? Road Opener is used to remove obstacles, create brand new opportunities and open new doors. It is best to use especially when you feel as though you can’t get a break through and you are stuck in a particular rut (of repeating blockages) or you recognize a challenge but need help overcoming it. This road opener candle contains a blend of herbs that work to shift one’s luck and frequencies. Think of a bulldozer clearing a path before you to help you get to the next step in your journey. That is the alchemy of Abre Camino, Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, High John Root and a few other herbs that make our candles unique to us.

How to use: Add to baths, candles, wear on skin, (do a skin test over night to ensure there are no allergic reactions), anoint wallet, piggy banks, jewelry and crystals (especial money drawing or luck increasing gems & crystals). Visualize and speak your goals into the atmosphere. Each time you use your oil, call those things into existence that you are hoping to manifest. Prayer and gratitude are complementing activities for road opening manifestation.

Tips: Activate your oils before using it. Heres how to activate it: 1. Energetically cleanse your bottle (you may use any herb that cleanses ex. White Sage). 2. While holding your bottle, bless it in the name of the father, the son and the holy ghost. 3. Set your intentions. This will activate the oil. Road Opener Oil is excellent to use daily in baths and with prayer candles. Our favorite scripture to pray over your oil before using it is Psalms 23.

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